The Story Of A Cilok Builder's Child Participates In The Selection Of Police Admissions At The Banten Police

The Story Of A Cilok Builder's Child Participates In The Selection Of
16-Jun-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Banten

Banten Police held an Open Session to determine graduation following the medical examination (Rikkes II) for the 2022 National Police Academy cadets acceptance at the Banten Police Multipurpose Hall on Tuesday (14/06)

The opening of the trial was carried out by the Karo HR of the Banten Police, Kombes Pol Muh. Dwita Kumu Wardana. Dwita at the opening read the message from the Banten Police Chief Inspector General Pol Prof. Dr. Rudy Heriyanto . "I continue to motivate participants to always compete healthy and don't have to hesitate to look at family background because the selection to enter the Police is very good at this time with the concept of Clean, Transparent, Accountable and Humanist (BETAH)," said the Banten Police Chief via Dwita

The selection of the 2022 Police Academy cadet recruitment at the Banten Police was attended by hundreds of young people in the Banten area with different economic backgrounds.

One of the candidates for the Police Academy cadets is Jefry Budiartono (19) who graduated from SMAN 1 Serang City and lives in Walantaka Village, Walantaka District, Serang City.

Jefry is the son of a traveling cilok merchant, Maman (48). Jeffry admitted that he had been preparing for the selection for six months and was not at all affected by his father's economic condition. "The one who competed in the selection was that I and my abilities were supported by the prayers of my parents, not the economic ability of my parents, so I continued to be enthusiastic about being able to pass the selection from one stage to another," closed Jefry

When the announcement of the results of the selection carried out by the HR Bureau of the Banten Police on Tuesday (14/06) then, Jefry became one of the selected candidates along with 12 Akpol cadets defeating 90 other participants to fight for the rest of the other selection stages, namely Rikkes II, Search Mental Personality (PMK), final administrative examination and open trial for graduation at the Regional Committee (Panda) level.

In this case, Jefry motivates all young people who want to take part in the selection of the National Police, "For friends, don't be discouraged, even if you come from a poor family, keep going because success can be achieved if we want, so don't worry. discouraged,” said Jeffry.

The parent, Maman, continued to pray for his son and witnessed firsthand the transparency of the selection process for the Police at the Banten Police. "I am grateful for this transparent selection process, there have never been any fees and continue to pray for my son's success," said Maman

The HR Bureau of the Banten Police every year organizes a recruitment selection for the younger generation to serve as members of the National Police. "We motivate the young generation in Banten to prepare for the selection which is held every year to educate young Bhayangkara candidates, let's prepare ourselves," closed Dwita