The Mystery Of A Thousand Blankets Of Lake Ranjeng

The Mystery Of A Thousand Blankets Of Lake Ranjeng
15-Jun-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Bumiayu

Indonesia is a country rich in natural attractions that are so beautiful and enchanting, that nature tourism in Indonesia has become one of the favorite destinations for foreign tourists.

One of them is Ranjeng nature tourism. Ranjeng is a lake whose water is very multifunctional for the surrounding community. So that many people feel helped by the presence of water sources in Lake Ranjeng which is located in the Paguyangan sub-district, Brebes district.

Apart from being a source of water that benefits the community for irrigating rice fields, plantations, etc., Ranjeng is also a tourist attraction for people from various regions in Indonesia and even abroad.

Behind the bustling lake of Ranjeng, it turns out that in a place that makes the hearts of visitors and tourists full of happiness, Ranjeng also contains a thousand blankets of mystery stories and which are able to make people's hearts flutter when hear it.

It is said that Lake Ranjeng was made by Walisongo, ; Syech Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Sunan Gunung Jati Cirebon, Sunan Giri, Sunan Kalijaga, Sunan Ampel, Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria, Sunan Bonang, and Sunan Drajat, explained Mr. Sirin, a resident of the surrounding community.

Lake Ranjeng which is located in the Paguyangan sub-district, Brebes Regency this has a myriad of mystical stories that are not enough time to tell.

There are so many fish in this place, it can't be separated from the stories of the community members about their mysterious life stories. One of them is the story of the catfish in Ranjeng where all the catfish become the story. and people's lips that are no longer a secret. The catfish, which is believed to be changing from time to time, into a large number of rats, even tens of thousands, will devour the farmers' rice crops. Of course, with a concrete reason, the rats acted, not without reason. Usually the rice plants that are preyed upon by the catfish incarnate mice from Lake Ranjeng are rice plants belonging to farmers who are less sodaqoh, added Mrs. Warsiti.

With this belief, people are finally afraid and don't dare to eat catfish and all the fish in Lake Ranjeng, of course.

There have been so many people who have been proven to have accidents and some even die when they have been given a ban by the caretaker, not to taking the fish in Lake Ranjeng, Mr. Sirin again added the story.

From the various events that have occurred, finally the caretaker and the local community are very careful and prohibit the fish in this lake from being consumed by the local community and all tourists, for the safety of body and soul together.

There is also the mystery of a giant fish whose size exceeds four times the size of a human house building. And the story is no longer in doubt, considering that many sources have seen the mystery giant fish firsthand, said Mr. Sirin.

It is said that if there are tourists who do not believe in the mystery story of Lake Ranjeng, the key judge is willing to summon the giant fish, as a result many people are flabbergasted and fall unconscious when the giant fish has come to be called by the caretaker, added the mother. Warsiti added again.

Apart from the stories and mysteries of Lake Ranjeng, it turns out that this place is very popular with tourists. With proven in this place is never empty of visitors and tourists who come. For readers who want to visit, what's wrong with trying and feeling the coolness of our hearts and the freshness of our eyes when we see this view of Lake Ranjeng, please come and try.