It Is Suspected That sr Residents Of Coral Cegak Have Embezzled Certificates dm Of Bumisari Residents

It Is Suspected That sr Residents Of Coral Cegak Have Embezzled Certif
14-Jun-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Purbalingga

The victim, a resident of Bumisari village, Bojongsari sub-district, on behalf of DM(47) asked SR, a resident of Karang Cegak, Kutasari sub-district, to borrow money from a bank. SR promised DM to ensure that it would be liquidated on condition that he gave one million five hundred thousand rupiahs to pass BI Cheking but to this day there is no certainty.

When we asked the victim for information, DM said, "I gave a certificate in December 2021 to SR but every time I asked it was always promised, even I was often received badly".

DM added, "I am not the only victim, including my son who is also a victim. Currently, the certificate is with SR's brother with the same promise". He said

The victim of DM also asked his brother, one of the members of Pemuda Pancasila, for help in mediating and deliberation. Naryo, DM, said, "When I went to SR's place for a good deliberation, asked for my brother's certificate, instead SR greeted me a little arrogantly and defiantly, please report me to the POLSEK I also have a backing, SR said in a loud tone".

Naryo added, "if it can't be discussed properly then we will report it to legal channels, a few days later after I came from the SR place I was called by a member of the police who reprimanded me maybe ordered brother SR". He said it

On Wednesday 08/06 DM Victim reported SR to the Puralingga Police and his child who was the victim, the report was handled by unit one, when we confirmed to unit one the handling was just waiting for disposition. (Red)