Wonosobo Disparbud Will Soon Use E ticketing At A Number Of Tourism Attractions Owned By The Regency Government

Wonosobo Disparbud Will Soon Use E ticketing At A Number Of Tourism At
14-Jun-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Wonosobo

In the near future, the Wonosobo Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud) in collaboration with Bank Jateng Wonosobo and CV Mediatama will implement E-Ticketing at a number of tourist attractions owned by the Wonosobo Regency Government which are managed by the Wonosobo Disparbud. This is being discussed more technically and comprehensively by Disparbud and CV Mediatama so that it can be applied more effectively and facilitate the service process to the community.

The discussion process was carried out on Monday, 13/6 at the Disparbud Office led by the Secretary of Disparbud, Burhanudin accompanied by the Head of Destinations, Hapipi and attended by the Head of UPT Disparbud, representatives of Diskominfo and BPPKAD. The E-ticketing mechanism is expected to be integrated with the existing system of revenue receipts and regional financial management as well as information technology.

E-Ticketing at a number of tourism objects is an effort to improve public services through a cashless ticket service system. According to Burhanudin, the E-ticketing trial will be carried out at the Kalianget Recreation Park tourist destination for a year. "We will start it at the Kalianget Recreation Park tourist destination, while we evaluate it so that it can continue to be effective in other destinations" said Burhanudin.

So far, the tickets that are applied are still manual, namely in the form of paper tickets, so it seems that it is still not practical and efficient. In the E-ticketing application later, officers in the field will only collect data on transactions made electronically. Officers do not hold cash, but visitors directly transact electronically based on online via the web, payments via bank transfer and other non-cash mechanisms. Field officers will check the QR Code that is already available and tourists can continue to enjoy these attractions. The trial will be carried out in stages and simultaneously so as not to confuse visiting tourists.

Hapipi, the Head of Destinations Disparbud himself reiterated that this E-ticketing will soon be realized with the aim of managing retribution for the tourism sector which is more accountable, transparent, and accountable for its use.

"It's time for us to use technology in ticketing services to tourism objects so that the ticket sales system for tourism objects can be neater, more practical and can be monitored and accounted for in real time", he concluded.