Bu Ari, A Woman From Purwokerto Who Managed To Enter The Cannibals' Outback Tribe In The African Forest

Bu Ari, A Woman From Purwokerto Who Managed To Enter The Cannibals' Ou
19-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Afrika

One month ago, we together with Kyai Hamim, Ms. Narso and Anggit (4) people went to Jakarta to Ibu Ari and Mas Rio's place in Cijantung, besides meeting them, we also visited the place of Mas Anggit's future wife (team). Buari is a native of Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, who works at the United Nations (United Nations). We sat relaxed for a gathering with Mrs. Ari who was accompanied by her husband, Mrs. Ari told her about her gripping experience when she got an assignment from the United Nations (United Nations) to enter a cannibal forest in Africa.

How many times have UN (United Nations) people been assigned to that place but no one has returned, now it's our team's turn to get the task of going into the interior of Africa in the cannibal tribe, there are many tragic incidents there, "but this a challenge for me because my soul is an adventurous spirit", said Bu Hari, laughing.

We traveled quite a distance through the forest for hours and we arrived in front of the tribal gate in the middle of the night, because it was already midnight for us to work, some were sleeping and some were guarding, I turned to guard but I felt nodding and in the end all the team fell fast asleep.< br />
In the morning after we woke up from sleep and opened our eyes in front of our car there were already many tribes from the interior lined up with full weapons, they waved their hands. All of our teams were scared and thought we would all be killed, because no one dared to force me to come out, but what happened they welcomed us very well in the end all the teams came out and communicated well.

We asked the chief of the tribe, why are we welcome?? The tribal chief replied, "We wanted to kill you last night but when our troops surrounded your cars we saw big people dressed in royal clothes protecting you, it turns out that you are gods, we have gods," he said

We were considered gods by them and we were welcomed so well that we succeeded in giving medicines to introduce the outside world and religion to the interior tribes in Africa and now they can interact with outsiders and can dress appropriately.