Distribution Of Bpst In Rangkasbitung Barat, Again Stained By The Actions Of E_waroong

Distribution Of Bpst In Rangkasbitung Barat, Again Stained By The Acti
15-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Lebak

LEBAK ,- Sorotnuswantoro.com -The distribution of the Cash Social Food Assistance (BPST) phase 5, period May 2022, in the West Rangkasbitung Village, Rangkasbitung District, Lebak_Banten Regency, went well and smoothly, while still prioritizing the Health Protocol. Thursday,(14/04/2022).

Unfortunately, however, this was tarnished by the presence of an individual, the owner of E-Waroong, who had been on standby since this morning, and had come to wait for aid recipients who had disbursed their aid money.

This is because the person will then receive and take money deposits from the beneficiaries, under the pretext of spending some basic necessities, in his e-waroong. While the goods or products offered are unclear because they are not there.

When Journalists directly asked one of the beneficiaries who was found to have deposited a certain amount of money with At, the person, He (let's say, Mila), explained that the money he deposited was Rp. 300 thousand rupiah, but he did not know about commodities or basic needs what will he receive later.

"Anyway, I just made a deposit, sir.. three hundred thousand for groceries, what will come later, I don't know. and the goods will be a day or two in the future, then they will be received," said Mila.

Mila also explained that, it was not without reason that she deposited the money to him, because according to her, she was worried that if she later shopped at a warung or other store, her name could be crossed out, and she would no longer be listed as a beneficiary.

Meanwhile, At, as the individual, when asked the reason why he had to wait for the beneficiaries, he half evasively explained that he was only waiting for those who wanted to shop for his needs from him.

"Please sir, I'm just waiting for those who want to shop with me," the excuse.

But when asked which products he offers and which he will sell, At is just silent.

Worried that this will then lead to skewed assumptions about the existence of a deposit to an e-waroong or shop by the Kelurahan, Siswidi Yatnila, Head of the West Rangkasbitung Village Office, firmly said that his party did not know and never did. inviting him, let alone collaborating or intentionally helping to direct the beneficiaries to shop at only one waroong or shop.

"Yes sir, I have seen him (At_red) since morning, he is already here. And we were reminded several times that we don't have to stand by and withdraw money to the beneficiaries here, the assumptions will be different,
and will set a bad precedent for the good name of the West Rangkasbitung Village," he concluded. (Red)