Koramil 11 Actively Launches Pancasila Village In The Hall Of Karangmoncol District

15-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Purbalingga

Purbalingga sorotnuswantoro.com || To maintain national unity and integrity and uphold the values ​​of Pancasila, the TNI formed the declaration of the Pancasila Village, so that millennial youths still love Pancasila, which has become the basis of the Republic of Indonesia, which has been formed by the fighters who have defended the Indonesian nation from invaders.
The declaration of the Pancasila Kamoung in the Karangmoncil District Hall was attended by Forkompimcam, it was seen that the Karangmoncol sub-district head, Danramil, Karangmoncol police chief were also religious leaders, community leaders and from the youth organizations of Ansor, Banser, Kokam and Pancasila Youth, Thursday 14/04/2022 went smoothly.

Danramil 11/Karangmoncol Letu Suyono conveyed the goal in the form of Kampung Pancasiala, namely reviving the values ​​of Pancasila to the community, especially to the millennial generation who seem to have forgotten the values ​​of Pancasila. the meaning of Pancasila until the teachings of radicalism and intolerance arise.

So we invite the community members, especially the youth, to learn and practice the meaning of Pancasila and the values ​​contained in Pancasila which has become the basis of our country, Indonesia.

So that the community members can enjoy a harmonious life in harmony with their neighbors and respect each other, reminding that the Indobesian nation consists of various ethnic groups, cultures and religions, but there is still one goal to maintain the unity and integrity of this nation. the title Bhineka Tunggalika.

Our hope is that with the declaration of Kampung Pancasila from all walks of life, we can come back with the values ​​that exist in the Pancasila Pancasila so that the community remains united in one frame, namely Pancasila.

We also order millennial youths, especially youth in Karangmoncil District, to uphold the values ​​of Pancasila so that the Karangmoncol District continues to uphold the sense of unity and integrity until a harmonious social life is achieved, calm and peaceful, Kertarahajo. We are optimistic, even though in Karangmoncol there are several youth organizations such as Ansor, Banser, Kokam and Pemuda Pancasila, they can still unite in maintaining the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, helping each other in every activity," he concluded.

Kapolsek Karangmincol AKP. Damar Iskandar, met at his office by the media, said he was very appreciative of the TNI who had formed the declaration of the Pancasila Village, we are optimistic that with the launching of the Pancasila Village, the community, especially the youth, can maintain unity and unity within the Pancasila frame, we remember how beautiful the rainbow is because of the different colors. until it is beautiful to look at.

Try if the rainbow is only one color, it will definitely not look beautiful, as well as the country of Indonesia, which has a variety of tribes, cultures and religions, but remains harmonious because they respect each other, usually respect each other, respect each other because they understand the meaning of Pancasila values ​​which are so meaningful for the integrity of the Indonesian nation," he said.