Pancasila Youth Mpc Purbalingga Supports The Declaration Of Pancasila Village

14-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Purbalingga

Purbalingga || Youth Pancasila (PP) MPC Purbalingga is very supportive of the declaration of the Pancasila Village which was proclaimed by the TNI, on Thursday 14/04/2022 at the Bobotsari Village Hall. smoothly, attended by Forkompimcam Bobotsari District.

The chairman of the MPC PP Nurhantar told Media Sorotnuswantoro The establishment of the declaration of the Pancasia Village could have a positive impact on millennials so that young people now can recognize the values ​​of Pancasila, which means so much for Religion and the Indonesian Nation.

In the end, we can all get to know the meaning of Pancasila more deeply, not just sayings, so we can respect each other's differences in this country, remember that Indonesia is a country with Bhinekatunggal Ika (although different ethnicities and languages ​​are still one). goal) to maintain this unity, namely the bonds of Pancasila which are the foundation of our nation.

We hope that with the declaration of the Pancasila Village, the millennial generation can use it well and always be based on Pancasila so that in stepping it does not harm others, but with Pancasila values ​​it can provide good benefits.

If we order especially PP members, we are obliged to be able to uphold the good name of Pemuda Pancasila, don't be arrogant towards other fellow organizations, because that's all our friends and countrymen, if there are PP members who are arrogant we are ready to reprimand and give sanctions," ; he concluded. (Nur)