14-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Brebes

Al humazah, highlight

Sura Al Humazah is the 104th letter, Surah Al Humazah is a Makiyyah letter because this verse was revealed in Mecca, in this letter there are 9 verses:

1. Waelullikulli humazatil lumazah : " woe to every slanderer and detractor "

2. Alladzi jama amal lauwwa addadah : & 39; who collects treasure and calculates it & 39;

3. Yahsabu anna maalahuu ahladah : & 39; he (man) thinks that his wealth can last him& 39;

4. Kalla layum badzanna bil khutomah : & 39; never sure he will be thrown into hell khutomah

5 . Wa ma adro kamal khutomah : & 39; and do you know what hell khutomah is? & 39;

6. Naarullohil muukodah : & 39; namely the fire of Allah's punishment which is kindled & 39;

7 .Al Lati tattoliu alal Af idah : & 39; that burns to the heart'.

8. Innaha alaihim mu' soda : & 39; indeed the fire was tightly shut over them & 39;

9. Fii amadin mumaddadah : & 39; while they were tied to long poles & 39;

Ibn Khatim narrated from Usman and Ibn Umar, both of whom said; ' we heard that the verse: & 39; Woe to every slanderer (Surah Al Humazah: 1), regarding Ubay bin Khalaf. Ibn Abi Khatim also narrated from As Suddi, he said, " This letter was sent down regarding Al Akhnas bin Syariq.

& 39; Ibn Abi Hatim also narrated from one of the residents of Ar Riqqah, he said, ' This letter was sent down regarding Jamil bin Amir Al Jamhi. Ibn al Mundhir narrated from Ibn Ishaq, he said, ' Umayyah bin Khalaf used to see the Messenger of Allah, he cursed and reproached him, then Allah sent down the letter al Humazah until it was finished.

According to some scholars, Humazah is synonymous with the word lumazah. There is a difference that Humazah is a person who curses openly and Lumazah curses from behind.

Some scholars think otherwise. Others argue that Humazah cursed with the eyes and hands, while Lumazah cursed with the tongue.

Those who like to curse / criticize, accumulate wealth not to spend in the way of Allah SWT, they will enter the fire of hell.

Whose fire burns to the heart, but he doesn't die, even if he wants to. The inhabitants of hell cannot get out because hell is covered with very long iron nails like pillars. Wassalam.wrwb