14-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Brebes

Surah Quraysh verse 1_ 4, highlight

Surah Quraysh is the 106th letter, Surah Quraysh is a Makkiyyah letter (sent down in Mecca), consisting of 4 verses:

1. Li ilafi Quraishin : " because of the custom of the Quraysh, "

2. ii laa fihim rikh latasy syitaa i wasshoef : " namely their habit of the weather in winter and hot "

3. Fal ya& 39;budu robbaha dihil baeet : " then let them worship the god who owns this house ( Ka& 39;bah )

4 . Allazdii at amahum minjuu iwwa amanahum min khouf : " who has provided food for them to remove the fear from the network. According to Imam Al Baihaqi in his book Al khilafiyyat, narrated from Umm Hani bint Abi Talib, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, ' Allah SWT gave priority to the Quraysh with seven things ....' he mentioned one of them, & 39; Indeed Allah SWT sent down a letter of the Qur'an about them, then the Messenger of Allah read this letter (Quraish).

In winter the Quraysh used to travel to Yemen, while in summer they traveled to Sham. The Quraysh were asked by Allah to be grateful for the various blessings they received by worshiping them. Best regards.wrwb