Letter An Nasr Verse 1 _ 3

Letter An Nasr Verse 1 _ 3
14-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro Brebes

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Surah an Nasr is the 110th letter, a letter that contains the help of Allah SWT to believing servants, Surah an Nasr includes Surah Madaniyah, consisting of 3 verses:

1. Idzaa Jaa anasrullohi wal fath : " when Allah's help and victory has come "

2. Waro aetannasu yad khuluna fi dinillahi afwa jan : & 39; and you enter the religion of Allah in droves "

3. Fasabbih bikhamdirobbikawas taghfir, innahu kaana tawwaaba : " So glorify your Lord by praising your Lord and ask Him for forgiveness. Indeed, He is the recipient of repentance." .

When the Prophet entered Mecca in the year Fathu Mecca, he sent Khalid bin Walid to fight the Quraysh in the south of Mecca until Allah SWT destroyed them

Then he ordered him to put down his weapon and apologize. Finally the Quraysh converted to Islam and this letter was revealed.

It is mentioned in the hadith at Tirmidhi from Anas bin Malik, that this surah is equivalent to a quarter of the Qur'an. In the hadith an-nasa i it is stated that this surah is the last surah of the Qur'an that was revealed.

According to the narrations of Al Bazar and Al Baihaqi, this letter was revealed on the day of Tasyrik, then known as Al wada (farewell) while in the history of Imam Ahmad and Ibn Jabir from Ibn Abbas it is mentioned, when the Messenger of Allah said; what is meant in this letter is me, & 39; also called a letter at taudi ( farewell ) . Wassalam.wrwb