Make Sure It's Safe Lebak Police Guard And Secure Unras Action In Front Of The Lebak Regent's Office And Dprd

Make Sure It's Safe Lebak Police Guard And Secure Unras Action In Fron
13-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia || In order to ensure that it is safe and conducive, the Lebak Police of the Banten Police escorting and securing demonstrations from the Pramodial Kumala Student Tactical organization throughout Lebak Regency in front of the Lebak Regent's Office and the Lebak DPRD Office. Wednesday (13/4/2022).

The security activity was led directly by the Head of the Lebak Police, the Banten Police, AKBP Wiwin Setiawan, SIK, M.H. with Dandim 0603 Lebak Lieutenant Colonel Nur Wahyudi SE, MI.Pol, accompanied by Wakapolres Lebak Kompol Roby Heri Saputra, SH, SIK, M.H, and the Lebak Police PJU.

Before the Implementation of Security, implemented The security readiness call was attended by personnel from the Lebak Resort Police and the ranks of the Sector Police, personnel from the 0603 Lebak Kodim and the Lebak Sat Pol PP.

Kapolres Lebak Banten Police AKBP Wiwin Setiawan, SIK, M.H. said,
"Today, we are the Lebak Police and the Sector Police, assisted by the Lebak Kodim 0603 personnel and the Lebak Sat Pol PP, carrying out security by prioritizing humanist security patterns and negotiating security patterns and avoiding friction with action participants," said Wiwin.

"We treat students as our younger brothers and sisters, and I make sure that there are no personnel who use firearms in the security of the demonstration,"

Wiwin said, "Alhamdulillah, the security activities for today's demonstration went safely and conducive, without any anarchy, thank you to the participants who have expressed their opinions in an orderly manner," he said.

"The participants in the action were met by the Chairperson of the Lebak DPRD and Asda 1, Lebak Regency,"

In this month of Ramadan, the Lebak Police Chief invites all components of society to maintain conduciveness in the Lebak Regency Region,
"We invite all components of society, let's work together to maintain conduciveness, maintain the specificity of worship in the month of Ramadan, may we all get blessings in the month of Ramadan, amen," he said.