Purbalingga Police Prepares 18 Gifts For Vaccination Participants

Purbalingga Police Prepares 18 Gifts For Vaccination Participants
12-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia

Purbalingga Sorotnuswantoro - Purbalingga Police will give prizes in the form of 18 goats for vaccination participants. This was conveyed by the Head of the Purbalingga Police, AKBP Era Johny Kurniawan while attending the Coordination Meeting for the Acceleration of Booster Vaccinations at the Pendapa Purbalingga Regency, Tuesday (12/4/2022).

"There are 18 goats that we will hand over to our Forkopincam colleagues to provide a stimulus for residents who want to participate in vaccination activities," he said.

Vaccination with prizes of 18 goats was given to vaccination participants for the period 11-30 April 2022. Meanwhile the location of the vaccination is in each sub-district according to the schedule determined by the police in collaboration with the local health center.

"The vaccination target in Purbalingga Regency will never be achieved if there is no cooperation and the spirit of mutual cooperation from all parties. Therefore, I hope that all parties continue to promote the implementation of vaccination," message from the Chief of Police.

Kapolres hopes that all participants present at the meeting can work together in the implementation of vaccination. So what are the obstacles or problems related to vaccination in Purbalingga Regency can be solved together.

"There are also innovations that are planned to be carried out by the Purbalingga Police. Namely providing health services as well as vaccinations in remote areas in Karangmoncol District. So that people in remote areas can easily get vaccinations," concluded the Chief of Police.(Toni)