Prohibition Of Joke By Allah Swt & His Rasul

Prohibition Of Joke By Allah Swt & His Rasul
12-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia


Excessive in this joking will increase the laugh which causes ;

1. Death of heart

2. Gives revenge

3. Dropping the honor and authority of the Prophet Muhammad said; ©. INNARROJULA LAYATAKKALLAMU BIKALIMATI YADKHAKU BI HA JULASAA UHU FAYAGHWII BIHAA AB ADU MINATSTSURAYYAA means; indeed one who speaks words so that those who hear him laugh, his honor will go further than Tsurayya's star". ©. LAA TUMAARI A KHOO KA WA LAA TUMAA ZIHHU means; don't argue with your brother and don't make fun of him

How to joke with the Messenger of Allah ;

1). Once an old woman came to see the Messenger of Allah (saw) and this person said; " O Messenger of Allah, help me, you pray for me to enter heaven, " he replied... LA YAD KHULUL JANNATA A& 39;JUUZUN means: & 39;an old man cannot enter heaven'.

The old woman then wept, because she felt that if she couldn't go to heaven, it would be hell. Then he said again; INNAKI LASTI BI AJUUZIN YAUMAIDZIN QOLALLOHU TA ALA; INNAAA ANSYA& 39;NAA HUNNA INSYAA AN FAJAALNAAHUNNA ABKAA ROONN means; Mother later on the day of entering heaven will not be old anymore.

Allah SWT says; Indeed, we (Allah) made women grow up again and We created all of them as teenage girls. The old woman finally burst into laughter, because she felt that she had misinterpreted the words of the Prophet Muhammad, who was the first and felt happy because there is still hope of going to heaven.

2). There was also a woman who came to him (PBUH) and said, to give him a camel for his vehicle to travel. Then the Messenger of Allah said: BALNAKHMILUKA A'LABNIL BAIIRI FA QOOLAT MAAASNA U BIHI INNAHU LAAYAHMILUNI FAQOOLA SHOLLALLOHU ALAHI WASALLAMA, MA MIN BAIIRIN ILLA WAHUWABNU BAIIRIN means; even sister I will raise above the camel's calf, " the woman said; ' what can we do with the camel, he certainly can't carry me, " The Messenger of Allah then said: " not even a camel (even if it is an adult or large) but the origin is also the child of a camel too.

3). Once again a woman came and said: " O Messenger of Allah, my husband invites you home. He Rasulullah SAW asked; WAMAN HUWA AHUWALLADZII BIAENIHI BAYAADUN QOOLAT WALLOHI MAA BI AENIHI BAYAADUN FAQOOLA BALAA INNA BI AENIHI BAYAA DZON FAQOOLAT LAA WALLOHI FAQOOLA SHOLLALLOHU ALAIHI WASALLAMA MA MIN AKHADZIN& 39; means: " who is your husband Oh' does it have white in its eyes? " The woman said: ' By Allah, there is no white in his eyes at all. ' He said: Yes, indeed there is white in his eyes. " The woman also denied: & 39; nothing by Allah " . He saw; explained: & 39; There is no human being here, but in his eyes there must be whites.

4). Abu Talhah had a son and he was named Abu Umayra. One day the Messenger of Allah came to their family and said: ABAA UMAEERO MAA FA ALANNUGHOERU meaning: Abu Umair, what did the chick do? At that time the child was playing with the emprit bird ".

5). Aisyah Ra said; at one time I went out with Rasulullah to go to war, namely the war of badr, he said: TA AALA KHATTA MUSAABIQOKI means:, " come here, we are racing now " I then tied my armor and we started walking. The race happened. He saw me first and finally I was preceded. Suddenly somewhere he stopped and said: HA DZIHI MAKANU DZIL MAJAAZI means: " this is a place called Dzul Majaz " Dzul Majaz is a place where I was a teenager at that time. My father (Abu Bakr) told me to do something and I went to Dhul Majaz. There he was there and said: A'TIINIIHI means: 'Just give me that'. But I refuse to give it. Then I ran and he was following me from behind, but I couldn't reach him.

6) . The Prophet SAW said to a blind man named Suhaib who was eating dates: " do you eat dates while you are blind? , replied suhaib: & 39; I eat by being peeled by other people. Hearing this answer , the prophet smiled . The prophet's jokes contain wisdom that can be a spiritual understanding. Hopefully we can keep our tongues from joking that is meaningless and not useful whatsoever. Wassalam wrwb