The Destruction Of The Anniversary Oceans

The Destruction Of The Anniversary Oceans
11-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia


According to Al kisa'i, one day the leaders of the samuds gathered before Junda " and expressed the desire to make a worship that had never been made by the people of 'Ad, the people of the prophet Noah. And he agreed to their request.

Then a large statue was made from a rock called Al kasib. His face is like that of a human, his shoulders and chest are like that of a cow while his hands and feet are like that of a horse.

They carved it using chisels made of gold and silver. They even made a crown on the statue . In front of this statue the seamen bowed their faces and prostrated themselves.

However, Allah is not pleased with such behavior so he sent one of them to invite them to worship Allah and correct their wrong beliefs, as stated in the letter as syu'ara: 152.< /p>

But the call of the prophet Saleh was not heeded, they even challenged the prophet Saleh to prove his prophethood by bringing a camel from a split stone.

So with the permission of Allah SWT, the camel came out, but they still refused and even slaughtered it. Finally , Allah SWT brought a very extraordinary torment to them . Wassalam.wrwb