Build Java Culture

Build Java Culture
10-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia


Bumiayu is a city located at the southern tip of Brebes Regency.

The livelihoods of the Bumiayu people are mostly farmers, traders and laborers. Many immigrants visit this city, not infrequently the newcomers who live in Bumiayu, most of them open businesses in Bumiayu.

Besides the beautiful city makes the newcomers feel at home in Bumiayu, they are also addicted to the characteristics of the food in Bumiayu such as:
1 Sogol

Toge food doused with grated coconut with a spicy taste that tempts the taste buds

2 Dage

The shape is similar to tempeh, which can be made into processed mendoan or dage chips

3 Kraca

Animals that are similar to snails but small in shape can be processed into delicious snacks

4 Pray

This food is very popular in Bumiayu even almost all regions know this food

5 Sticky sticky rice

Made of glutinous rice in a rectangular shape topped with grated coconut

It's quite appetizing if we talk about the characteristics of food in the city of Bumiayu. Then what about the arts and culture in Bumiayu. Culture is a characteristic of a certain area that has a uniqueness that attracts people's attention, each region has its own customs and cultural values ​​that must be maintained and preserved.

A variety of arts have entered Bumiayu City. One of the famous traditional arts in Bumiayu is wayang kulit. Wayang kulit is famous not only in Bumiayu but almost all regions of the archipelago are familiar with the art of wayang.

As we know the history of wayang was born from the island of Java which triggered an inscription at that time in the year 930.

The development of wayang is so rapid that it gave birth to history. The development of Islam is spread through the art of wayang.

The arts culture in Bumiayu is diverse comes from several regions such as:

1 Calung comes from West Java
2 Jaipong dance comes from West Java
4 Wayang from Central Java
5 Jamblung puppets from banyumas
6 lumping horses from ponorogo

If we observe historically, Bumiayu art is almost non-existent, most of the arts performed are from outside the region and developed in Bumiayu. It is also on certain occasions such as celebrations or celebrations.

The wayang performances that we often see on Bumiayu are wayang kulit from Tegal, masterminded by Ki Entus. However, since Ki Entus died, the wayang kulit art in bumiayu seems to be sinking.

Ki entus with his funny style besides that every show contains a certain moral message.

If we observe the cultural conditions in Bumiayu, it is indeed very worrying, almost all people are asked what art comes from Bumiayu. The people's answer is that they don't know, even if there is only art in the form of objects such as musical instruments or paintings. For traditional culture which is rice from Bumiayu, almost all people do not know.

While pop culture in Bumiayu is growing very rapidly along with other music. Like Pop music almost every week or month music events are held.

Of course, this condition really hinders the development of art. According to my personal opinion and my thoughts trying to analyze the development of art in bumiayu. Maybe this article will fill in some of my comments, I only analyze what I observe in the field and maybe just complaints from the public.

Indeed, living in this modern era, Indonesian people are required to keep up with the times, but as Indonesian citizens who understand history.

We are born from the history of our ancestors, then we give birth to the history of culture and customs that we must protect and preserve. Hopefully Bumiayu City can preserve the arts that come from various regions in Indonesia.