Police In The Midst Of A Vortex Of Lawyer Feuds

Police In The Midst Of A Vortex Of Lawyer Feuds
04-Apr-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia

Jakarta. The report by lawyer Razman Arif Nasution, related to allegations of spreading pornographic content by Hotman Paris, to Polda Metro Jaya, is a new chapter in the feud between the two well-known lawyers.

The two of them also had an argument, when Hotman Paris took over the status of lawyer dr. Richard Lee is currently facing legal proceedings with artist Kartika Putri. At that time related problems the artist's endorsement of whitening products.

Previously, when the case first broke out, Richard Lee was still accompanied by lawyer Razman Arif. Later the case was handled by Hotman Paris.

Actually, two lawyers arguing with each other is a common thing. Lawyers are generally going to face each other and bring down their compatriots who defend their clients in the courtroom.

However, this time, the two senior lawyers actually faced each other outside the court room, there was even a possibility that they would report to each other to the police, for cases that might not be related to each other. This condition will definitely bring the Police in the middle of a vortex of conflict between two lawyers.

However, according to media observer Rahmat Edi Irawan, these cases will be more crowded in the mass media than the actual situation later. For this reason, he asked the Police to remain professional, working in accordance with the SOPs that have been in effect.

“Don't want to be pressured or directed to do something, but just act according to the rules that apply”

Source: Police Public Relations Division