Lemhanas Appreciates Agus Flores' Work About Polri's Precision Fast Response

Lemhanas Appreciates Agus Flores' Work About Polri's Precision Fast Re
30-Mar-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia

Jakarta || The work of the nation's children from Agus Flores called "FAST RESPONSE OF PRECISION POLRI" only the age of Corn. Even though he is like a newborn baby, in fact the existence of a fast response contributes to the Nation and State in terms of helping the National Police Chief program to build the rule of law and the Bhayangkara Corps as protectors and protectors of the people.

Agus Flores remains loyal, upright and loyal without limits in supporting the Precise POLRI in accordance with the National Police Chief's program, even the most recent one was the fast response work visit getting appreciation from Lemhanas (National Resilience Institution).

The meeting with the two-star General of the Indonesian National Police lasted for 2 hours, starting at 10.30-12.45 WIB in the room of the Head of Presidential Legal and Human Rights Studies at Lemhanas.

As Agus said, "The bottom line is that Lemhannas is very enthusiastic about the Fast Response that supports the National Police Chief Program," he said via WhatsApp when he confirmed his working visit at Lemhanas.

According to the general chairman of Fast Response who is also a lawyer, he conveyed what Inspector General of Police Djoko Rudi said.
"Even the presence of Fast Response is considered a Generation Transformation that cares about the Police Program," said the lawyer from LBH Pasivic, imitating the words of the Head of Legal Studies and Presidential Human Rights Lemhanas Rabo 30/3/2022 in Jakarta.

Still said Agus Flores, "In fact, the General hopes for Fast Response Nusantara, as the National Police Ambassador assigned to socialize, the National Police Agency is good, as an institution that synergizes with loving the people," said the general chairman who protects thousands of journalists via his cellphone. .

Still said the man who was born from a large family of the National Police added, "Not only that Inspector General Pol Djoko Rudi, hopes that the Fast Response Program will become the National Police's Program in Handling Public Complaints.

"He also hopes that Fast Response Nusantara will become a pilot platform for Unifying the Nation," he concluded while closing the conversation with journalist Ajipati Gunawan, Chairman of Fast Response Central Java. (Ajipati Ka. Fast Response Central Java)