Berita Terkininasional Panglima Santri Jabar Geram Pesantren Dinilai Produk Radikal

Berita Terkininasional Panglima Santri Jabar Geram Pesantren Dinilai P
16-Mar-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia

KAB TASIK, Sorotnuwantoro – The Commander of the Santri of West Java (Jabar) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum admitted that he was angry and disturbed by the statement regarding Islamic boarding schools (ponpes) which were seen as products of radicals. In fact, according to him, Islamic boarding schools are very instrumental in giving birth to a generation that is able to practice Pancasila.

Pak Uu, as he is familiarly called, revealed that radicalism is an act of imposing views and wills carried out by certain individuals or groups, even by justifying all means. For that, he said it would be inappropriate to juxtapose Islamic boarding schools as a form of radical action.

“The so-called radical is a person or group that imposes a will or desire, which is contrary to religion and religion. Justify any means, the important thing is that they succeed in their goals,” said Mr. UU through a press release, Tuesday (15/03/2022).

“As a pesantren group, I am offended and do not accept that pesantren are called products of radicals. In fact, the products of Islamic boarding schools are people who have contributed to the nation and state, especially in the implementation of Pancasila," he added.

Pak Uu also strongly disagrees with Pastor Saifuddin Ibrahim's statement regarding the 300 verses of the Qur'an that must be deleted or revised because they contain radicalism values. According to Pak Uu, Muslims do not have the freedom to interpret the verses of the Qur'an for themselves.

“Muslims are not given the freedom to interpret themselves, let alone non-Muslims such as priests,”

To interpret the verses of the Qur'an, said Pak Uu, it is not enough just to be textual, but also the context must be understood and adapted to the situation and conditions. The scholars also have to understand at least 12 fans (fields of knowledge) of the Islamic religion, which requires at least 12 years to explore and understand it.

“It took me 12 years to study the 12 fans of Islamic knowledge at the Islamic boarding school. And for 12 years it cannot be done independently, there must be another side of knowledge,” call Mr. Uu.

“Because the Qur'an is a very extraordinary holy book, so the person who interprets it should not be an ordinary person, it must be an extraordinary person (his religious knowledge)” he added.

Furthermore, Mr. Uu hopes that the people in West Java will not be provoked by the news in the media regarding this matter. The public is also asked to be more critical in receiving information and not to easily believe the explanations of Pastor Saifuddin, which he considers to have offended Muslims.

“Please don't insult our holy book, because this will hurt the hearts of the majority of the people. Good people are people who keep their own religion. Keeping your own religion doesn't mean you have to attack other religions," concluded Mr. Uu.

“I hope the public will not be trapped by that statement, or be misled and accept what the pastor said. We still as Muslims, hold on to what the kiai and ulama have said," he said. (Miss).