Caring For Humanity, Pengadegan Police Personnel Participate In Blood Donation

Caring For Humanity, Pengadegan Police Personnel Participate In Blood
11-Mar-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia

Purbalingga Sorotnuswantoro - Personnel from the Pengadegan Police of the Purbalingga Police took part in a blood donation activity organized by the Pengadegan District in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Unit (UTD) of PMI Purbalingga Regency. The activity was carried out in the Pengadegan District Hall, Friday (11/3/2021).

Kapolsek Pengadegan, AKP Susilo said that there is a blood donation activity in the sub-district, we involve personnel to take part in the activity. This is a form of concern in the field of humanity.

"We hope that the blood donations given can be useful for humanity. In addition, it is able to increase the blood stock at PMI PurbaIingga Regency,"

Meanwhile, Okto Iskandar, S.Kes., blood donor implementation officer from UPTD PMI Purbalingga district conveyed that the sub-district level blood donor activity is a routine activity every three months. This time the implementation is in Pengadegan District.

"We would like to thank all those who have participated in donor activities in Pengadegan District. Hopefully it can be useful for people in need," he said

The blood donor activity was attended by TNI personnel, Polri, village officials, service and agency employees as well as community members. The number of participants who registered for blood donation was 48 people.

From the number of registrants, a total of 42 people who meet the requirements and can have their blood drawn. Meanwhile, 6 people could not have their blood drawn because of hypertension, age under 17 years old, sick condition, and low HB. (Toni)