Rangkayan. Kegiatan Sosial Jelang Milad ke 8 Ormas Jarum

08-Mar-2022 | sorotnuswantoro indonesia

LEBAK - highlightnuswantoro.com || Wednesday (09/3/2020) Community Organization Volunteer Network for the Community (Ormas Jarum) will hold the culmination of the 8th Milad Ormas Jarum event. at Sakinah Building, Jl by pass Soekarno Hatta, Cibadak.

The Milad Ormas Jarum event was filled with various series of social activities. Starting from the celebration of vaccination and mass circumcision.

The participants for the vaccination and circumcision came from the Districts of Cibadak and Rangkasbitung. A total of 110 children were circumcised at the Milad Ormas Needle.

Previously, on Sunday (06/3/2022) as a series of the 8th Anniversary of the Needles Ormas, a mass circumcision activity was carried out with 54 participants located in Warunggunung District, with participants from Warunggunung and Cikulur Districts.

A few days later, Monday (07/03/2022) the handover of aid for the construction of houses for underprivileged residents in Kp. Sengkol Pasarkeong Village, Cibadak District. The beneficiary named Enjat (52) is a resident who had a work accident and his house collapsed several years ago.

The compensation for orphans, widows and the elderly is carried out in stages at several points, the peak of which will also be distributed tomorrow. There are 300 orphans who will be given assistance.

The various social service activities also involves government agencies, TNI and Polri.

For mass circumcision activities, volunteers from the Indonesian National Nurses Association (PPNI) nurse organization are involved as "executors" child circumcision.

Meanwhile, for the vaccination celebration, the medical officers came from doctors from the health service, puskesmas, Lebak Police and doctors from the Mandala Yudha Battalion.

The General Chairperson of the Jarum Ormas, H. Nunung Hidayat M Gebek, said that the Ormas he leads have made social service activities the main focus of their activities since the beginning of their establishment.

As for vaccination activities, the Chairman of the Needle Ormas invited residents in Rangkasbitung, Cibadak, Warunggunung, and Kalanganyar to participate as vaccination participants.

"Please, residents who want to be vaccinated come tomorrow, Tuesday (9/3/2022) at Sakinah Building," said Abah Nunung.

It was observed, Tuesday (8/3/2022) afternoon, at the activity location preparations for the event were underway. The Rampak Beduk art group from SMKN 2 Rangkasbitung seems to be doing rehearsals for tomorrow's performance.

Meanwhile, hundreds of members of the Jarum Ormas were seen setting up dozens of large tents in the courtyard of the Sakinah building.